Keith Olbermann rails into Trump's bizarre press conference: 'Are these people high, or what?'
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

A perplexed Keith Olbermann reacted to Donald Trump’s wide-ranging and highly contentious press conference on Thursday, asking the president the most pertinent question that comes to mind: “Are you high?”

Olbermann noted the Department of Education’s absurd misspelling of W.E.B. Du Bois’s name—and subsequent misspelling in the department’s apology for the original misspelling—repeating, “are these people high, or what?”

The GQ correspondent then pointed to Trump and the GOP’s posting of a misattributed Abraham Lincoln quote, again repeating, “are these people high, or what?”

Referencing the Trump administration's latest voter fraud lie about buses of people voting illegally in New Hampshire, costing the president that state, Olbermann once again asked, “are these people high, or what?”

Displaying a poll that shows 51 percent of Trump voters think the president should be able to overturn decisions by judges that he disagrees with, Olbermann pointed out, “A democracy in which the president can overturn the rulings of judges is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship.”

“Are these people high, or what?” Olbermann asked.

Watch the video below, via Twitter: