Melania Trump's immigration lawyer joins the fight against her husband's anti-Muslim travel ban
Melania Trump (a katz /

Melania Trump's immigration lawyer, Michael Wildes, who previously represented the Trump Organization in visa battles, is now firmly opposing the president's executive order to bar travel from seven majority Muslim countries, the Independent reports.

Wildes is an attorney based in New York and is fighting the Trump administration's proposed bar against immigration and travel from Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria, all countries the U.S. has bombed before Trump took office. The seven countries listed were also first listed on a Travel Visa Waiver restriction that was passed in December of 2015 and later announced in Feb. 2016 under former President Barack Obama.

Even so, Melania's lawyer is now spearheading a legal battle against the Trump administration over the president's proposed travel ban. Forward reports that Wildes is the grandson of a survivor of the Holocaust and is presently representing two green-card holders from Sudan who were returning to the U.S. from Sudan when the executive order was signed.

Wildes told Haaretz the proposed ban is both "unconstitutional" and "wrong and hurtful." He said, "We can’t take anything for granted. We have what may be a narrow window in which to act. I’m advising clients if they have green-card or visa-holding members of their families perched in one of those seven countries to hurry back while we can ensure a safe re-entry."

Wildes represented Melania in the summer of 2016, though he told Haaretz he was surprised that she had requested his legal services. "I can tell you that Melania was fully compliant of the law when she first came here and earned her green-card and citizenship based on her own exceptional merits," he said. He added that it was awkward to represent her, as a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. However, "everyone has the right to an attorney."

In a post on his law firm's website, Wildes took a stand against the Trump administration's proposed ban. "This ban, which originally included green card holders, is something we have never seen before," the law firm announced, according to the Independent.