Security analyst: Trump nominee Mike Flynn should step aside until Russia questions are resolved
Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance on AM Joy -- MSNBC screenshot

Security and intelligence expert Malcom Nance called for Pres. Donald Trump's nominee for national security adviser Gen. Mike Flynn to step aside until questions about his connections to the Russian government are resolved.

Nance appeared on Saturday's AM Joy to discuss the fact that Flynn appears to have lied about the extent of his contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak regarding the lifting of U.S. sanctions.

Nance said that Flynn is far beyond the pale of what is normally considered acceptable for government employees of his rank.

"Any person in the United States who has a Top Secret or higher special access program clearance would have had their clearance pulled by now. They would be strapped to a polygraph getting a full lifestyle counter-intelligence polygraph and they would be cleaning their tail, as we say, to determine was this person misusing his position?"

"At a minimum," Nance said, "he should lose his clearance."

"For Flynn as a man of honor, he should step away and say, 'Until this is cleared up, I shouldn't have access to any more classifieds,'" Nance said.

Watch the video, embedded below: