Steve Bannon's ex-partner acts terrified in bizarre CNN interview -- then suddenly disappears
Michael Wolf, Alisyn Camerota, Chris Cuomo and Julia Jones appear on CNN (screen grab)

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon's former writing partner cut an interview short on CNN on Wednesday after appearing to be afraid to speak out against him.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota began the segment by asking Julia Jones, who worked in Hollywood with Bannon for 20 years, what her former partner was like.

"What is Steve like?" Jones began. "He's a very different person now than he was then, 20 years ago. I don't really know the Steve Bannon that you have today."

"Steve always tended to focus on military battles, his bible was The Art of War," she added.

"Why does he love war?" Camerota wondered.

"You would have to ask him, he's a man, I'm not," Jones replied with a nervous laugh. "I think that Steve liked the strategy."

At that point, Jones froze, seemingly unable to finish her thought.

"I'm going to ask," she said before disappearing from the CNN broadcast.

The CNN hosts spent the next four minutes of the segment discussing Bannon with columnist Michael Wolff, but Jones never returned.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Feb. 1, 2017.