Trump just launched new claim that thousands of 'illegal' Mass. voters were bussed to NH for election
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President Donald Trump is still fuming about "illegal" voters that allegedly cost him a popular vote victory against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton this past fall.

Politico reports that, during a meeting with several senators this week, the president claimed that he had lost the state of New Hampshire because a bunch of voters from Massachusetts were illegally bused up to vote in the Granite State.

Shortly after Trump made the claim, Politico's sources say an "uncomfortable silence" fell upon the room, as the ten senators present did not have any immediate reaction to the president's claims.

Ever since being elected, Trump has repeatedly claimed that "illegal" voters cost him the election, and he's vowed to run an investigation into the matter.

Despite his bold claims, however, Trump has yet to produce any evidence that such fraud really occurred, and his main source for the voter fraud story is a conspiracy theorist who refuses to divulge any evidence to back up his claims.