Washington AG suits up for court battle: 'I'm not going to wait to uphold constitutional rights'
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons)

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suiting up for a major court battle in opposition to President Donald Trump's executive order banning travelers from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

In an interview with CNN, Ferguson said that he anticipated the White House would follow the order Judge Robart issued Friday. Ferguson explained that he takes the Constitution seriously and intends to fight to uphold it.

"I will use every tool I have," Ferguson told the "AC360" legal panel. "Nothing is more sacred than the rule of law in our country. It applies to everybody in the country, even the president. In some respects, especially the president. And why I became an attorney to that's why I went to law school uphold the constitutional rights of the people I represent, and yes, you can be sure I'll use every tool at my disposal to make sure the federal government abides by this ruling."

Ferguson said that he told his team to "get a good night's rest" because he anticipates a lot of activity over the weekend. "We're prepared to work around the clock," he said.

The legal panel asked the Attorney General political questions but he wouldn't answer, saying he only seeks to uphold the Constitution of the Untied States.

"Part of the case made by the lawyers for the federal government today but as the judge asked a number of times, 'hey, are there any limits to that,'" he continued. "The lawyers for the federal government did not want to answer that question directly, but there are limits to any president's action."

Watch part of his interview below: