WATCH: Ex-CIA officer hilariously apologizes after misattributing 'Animal House' quote to 'Caddyshack'
Phil Mudd (CNN / Screengrab)

Former CIA officer Phil Mudd on Wednesday apologized after incorrectly attributing a line from the 1978 comedy “Animal House” to the 1980 cult classic “Caddyshack.”

On CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wold Blitzer,” the panel was discussing U.S. National Security advisor Michael Flynn’s warning that the Donald Trump administration is “officially putting Iran on notice.”

“I can’t figure what he’s talking about,” Mudd told the panel. “This is like a line out of the greatest movie ever, ‘Caddyshack.’ Iran is now on double-secret probation.’”

“Iran has developed ballistic missiles for years,” Mudd continued. “If you’re going to talk like this, in the midst of the Russians acting up in Ukraine, the refugee issue we have going on, the end potentially of the Syrian civil war, the questions about NATO—if you’re gong to put this one on the plate, you gotta go beyond saying, 'Hey, they’re on probation.' What does that mean? In my judgement, it doesn’t mean anything right now.”

Users on Twitter quickly pointed out that the quote Mudd referred to was in fact from an entirely different film, demanding a correction from Blitzer. Some even blamed the network for spreading “fake news.”

Later in the segment, Blitzer gave his guest an opportunity to make amends for his mistake. “On a very different note, last hour, you made a statement involving the film Caddyshack, and we’re getting a ton of reaction,” Blitzer said. “I know you want to apologize.”

“Wolf, I’m deeply apologetic,” Mudd replied. “My former supervisor—CIA director George Tenet—just called me and crushed me, I’m getting emails from everywhere. As a child of the 70s and 80s, making a reference to an “Animal House” line and referring to Caddyshack mistakenly, I’m sorry I should be put in the dunce room, not the Situation Room. I apologize.”

“You should be on double-secret probation,” another guest chimed in.

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