WATCH: Pastor responds perfectly after unhinged man interrupts church sermon to rail against gays

An Oregon man opted to combat love, tolerance and inclusivity by barging into a pro-gay church to denounce homosexuality—directly following a sermon on discrimination.

"Listen up! I'm here to tell you that homosexuality is wrong," the man declares as he stomps into the ceremony at the Park Rose community church in Portland, Oregon. "And what you're doing is wrong," he adds once he mounts the stage.

Pastor Don Frueh looks shocked at first, but as KATU in Portland reports, the openly gay spiritual leader remembered that "Love wins"—the slogan on the church's sign. Instead of escalating the encounter, congregants circle the man to try and soothe him.

In an interview with KATU, the openly gay pastor explained his reaction.

"When somebody is being hurtful, I see that there's a hurt in them," Frueh notes. "I honestly believe God loves him."

Watch below.