'We have not retracted': CNN shoots down Sean Spicer's latest lie about Kellyanne Conway
Sean Spicer (CNN/screen grab)

CNN's corporate public relations department rebutted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer just 12 minutes after he falsely claimed that the network had "retracted" its claim about the "credibility" of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

In a statement to The New York Times and other publications earlier this week, CNN said that it had refused to interview Conway on a recent Sunday morning program due to “serious questions about her credibility.”

On Tuesday, Spicer falsely insisted that CNN had "retracted" that claim.

"Frankly, my understanding is that they retracted that," Spicer told reporters at Tuesday's White House press briefing. "They walked that back or denied or however you want to put it, I don't care."

"Kellyanne is a very trusted aide of the president," he added. "I think for any characterization otherwise is insulting. If they choose not to work with someone, that's up to them."

Within 12 minutes, CNN had posted a statement refuting Spicer's claim.

"CNN was clear, on the record, about our concerns about Kellyanne Conway to the New York Times and others," a statement posted to Twitter read. "We have not 'retracted' nor 'walked back' those comments. Those are the facts."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Feb. 7, 2017.