'You distort the Lord's words!’ Furious Christians lecture Pope Francis over pro-immigrant tweet
Pope Francis (AFP Photo/Gabriel Bouys)

On Tuesday, the Trump administration blasted out another round of immigration orders, pledging to detain and deport undocumented immigrants to enhance public safety. As with other administration directives, the memos and subsequent press conference were hazy on important details, such as who will be impacted or how the colossal expansion of policing will be funded.

On Wednesday morning, Pope Francis—who has been an outspoken defender of refugees and immigrants—tweeted what appeared to be a rebuff to the administration's anti-immigrant stance.

It's not the first time the Pope seemed to be subtweeting the President (or his anti-refugee counterparts in Europe). On Saturday, the Pope tweeted: "How often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!"

As Gizmodo reported, the Pope's tweets have spurred a far-from Christian reaction among some of his followers, who appeared to take a harsher, Old Testament view of the suffering of vulnerable groups.

Of course, the responses were not all negative. Many of the Pope's followers replied with "Amen" and thanked him for his message of tolerance.