Arkansas Republicans line up behind bill to nullify same-sex marriages in their state
Arkansas Republican State Rep. Stephen Meeks (Screen cap).

Although the Supreme Court in 2015 made it legal for same-sex couples to get married across the United States, several lawmakers in Arkansas are trying to challenge that ruling with a new bill that would rescind their state's recognition of same-sex marriages.

The New Civil Rights Movement notes that GOP Arkansas Rep. Stephen Meeks has introduced a new bill that would make it state policy to only recognize marriage as being between a man and a woman.

"Marriage shall be only between a man and a woman. A marriage between persons of the same sex is void," the bill reads. "It is the public policy of the State of Arkansas to recognize the marital union only of man and woman... Marriages between persons of the same sex are prohibited in this state."

Additionally, the bill would not recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who move to Arkansas from states that do recognize same-sex marriages.

Meeks has attracted 20 additional Republican co-sponsors for his bill so far.