'Black piece of sh*t': Video of white student's racist remarks prompt protest at North Carolina school

Micah Street, a black student at Wake Forest High School in North Carolina, was suspended from school after an altercation between him and a white student on Friday, March 3. Video of the incident was shared on Instagram by user Tyler Goodell who said his friend Micah was defending himself from racist abuse, according to the News & Observer.

The video starts with the white student already on the floor and escalates toward the end when a teacher steps in, seemingly yelling at Street for getting physical with the student. The teacher responds in a way that is dismissive of Micah's concern, noting that the white student only "used words." Based on the video, it sounds as though the white student calls Micah a "black piece of sh*t."

Street told CBS North Carolina that the altercation happened as a result of the other student's racist remarks over the last few months. He said he lost his temper after being threatened by the other student. Street was originally suspended from school for ten days, but it was later reduced to five.

Students at the school chanted and protested in support of Micah on Monday, with calls to "Bring Micah back."

His mother told CBS, "How am I going to send my son back to Wake Forest is what I want to know…because I’m sending him back to the shooting range is what I’m doing. So I’m totally clueless I don’t know what to do."

Watch the videos below: