FBI Director James Comey 'incredulous' by Trump's wiretap claim: CNN
FBI director James Comey (Brookings Institution/Flickr)

FBI Director James Comey was reportedly "incredulous" after hearing President Donald Trump's allegations that he was wiretapped by President Barack Obama.

A CNN report explained that Comey was fearful that the FBI would look bad and might be accused of being part of the wiretapping.

According to sources, Comey wanted to push back on the claim because of the seriousness of Trump's allegations — allegations Comey knew were not true.

Over the weekend Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly announce that Trump's claims were not true. That request has so far fallen on deaf ears.

"He might come out and say only time will tell, but right now they (FBI and DOJ) should be in the exact same place and they're not," the source said.

The source also said that Comey has no intention of resigning if requested to do so by Trump.

"Does he know of a possibility there might be a confrontation and be fired by the President? Sure," CNN quoted the source. "Does he worry about it? No."

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that he is "almost 100 percent certain" that the president and Comey haven't spoken since the tweets Saturday. Spicer did say, however, that Trump has full confidence in the FBI and Comey.

"There's nothing that I have been told by him that would lead me to to believe that anything is different than what it was prior," Spicer said.