Fox News analyst uncorks wild new theory about Obama using UK intel services to spy on Trump
Andrew Napolitano (Fox News)

So far, the Trump administration has not produced any evidence to support the president's claim that former President Barack Obama ordered American intelligence agencies to wiretap Trump Tower.

On Tuesday, Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano offered a new theory as to why the Trump team is having trouble finding proof for the president's claims: It's because Obama used British spy services to snoop on Trump.

"Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command," Napolitano told Fox & Friends. "He didn't use the NSA, he didn't use the CIA, he didn't use the FBI, and he didn't use the Department of Justice."

Instead, Napolitano alleges, Obama relied on British intel agency GCHQ, which he notes has access to the American National Security Agency's database.

"There's no American fingerprints on this," the Fox analyst explained. "What happened to the guy who ordered this? Resigned three days after Donald Trump was inaugurated."

Watch the full video below.