‘Innocent people don’t ask for immunity’: Rep. Eric Swalwell slams Flynn’s proposed immunity deal
Rep. Eric Swalwell, MSNBC (screenshot)

MSNBC's Chris Hayes discussed Thursday night's revelation that former Trump National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn had notified Congress that he would testify in exchange for immunity.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) commented on the matter, noting, "Innocent people don't ask for immunity, but that's not something that I'm familiar with in our investigation."

"If he has something to say and he's not worried about what he did, he should just come forward and testify in a public setting," Swalwell added.

Hayes suggested that innocent people can also ask for immunity, if an individual is worried about perjury, or concern for how one's words might be used against them.

"What we have here is a pattern of deceit with Michael Flynn," said Swalwell.

Watch the full clip below: