Trump could save the Chesapeake Bay with the money he spends on Mar-A-Lago trips: Virginia leader
Donald Trump plays golf at Trump National Doral (screen grab)

Each weekend President Donald Trump spends in his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida costs taxpayers $3 million. His recent decision to make drastic cuts in the budget has put clean up of the Chesapeake on the chopping block. However, Virginia state Democratic Party Chair, Susan Swecker has a solution.

In a press release sent to reporters Friday, Swecker suggested Trump stop taking vacations, as promised, and use that money to help maintain the Bay, RVAMag reported.

“He will have cost working people more than $100 million by the end of the year simply to fund his vacations," Swecker said. "Simply put, if Donald Trump postponed his Florida vacations until September, he could save the Chesapeake Bay.”

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) also has concerns with the cuts Trump has proposed. Clean up for the Bay isn't merely an environmental issue that impacts hippies or liberals. Virginia depends on the fishing industry and tourism as part of its economy.

"We've seen from Trump a denial of any kind of environmental consequences," Warner told WTOP this week. "We all value the Chesapeake Bay... and under Democrats and Republicans alike, we've worked together to clean up the bay. My hope is Democrats and Republicans will come together and come up with something that holds the deficit down but does so in a reasonable way."