WATCH: House intel head Devin Nunes rebukes reporters for taking Trump’s wiretap claims ‘literally’
Devin Nunes speaks to reporters (CNN/screen grab)

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes held a briefing on Tuesday afternoon where he addressed President Donald Trump's wild and unsubstantiated Twitter allegations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his office.

Nunes said he had not seen any evidence that would back up the claims. When asked whether it was appropriate for Trump to make such a bold assertion without evidence or before any investigation, Nunes said, "I think a lot of the things that he says, you guys take literally." He added that "we should [not] attack the president for tweeting."

After explaining that he doesn't expect the president to be "lawyered up" regularly, Nunes admitted, "I want him to be clear about what he's asking and the assertions that he's making."

Watch the full clip below.