Kellyanne Conway pushes back on ‘Trumpcare’ label: He never said he wants his name on health care bill
Kellyanne Conway defends 'Trumpcare' on Fox News (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump has fully embraced congressional Republicans' proposed health care legislation, but one of his top advisers doesn't seem to want his name attached to it.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday morning, top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was asked by host Bill Hemmer if it was okay to refer to the Republicans' proposed legislation as "Trumpcare," just as Republicans for years referred to former President Barack Obama's signature health care act as "Obamacare."

Conway, however, pushed back and said that Trump's name didn't belong on the bill.

"It's the American Health Care Act, and I think it's aptly named that for this reason," she explained. "It wants to cover, it wants everyone to have access to coverage, and that is something that didn't happen under Obamacare... I'll call it Trumpcare if you want to, but I didn't hear President Trump say to any of us, 'I want my name on that.' It's not about branding according to someone's name. This is serious business."

Conway went on to bash Democrats for saying that Obamacare allowed more people to have more health care access because in many cases the health plans they obtained had high deductibles and co-payments.

Several independent analysts and industry groups have concluded that Trumpcare would both throw millions of people off their current insurance plans, and also raise costs for older patients who would be less able to afford coverage due to inadequate tax credits to buy insurance.

Watch the whole segment below.