'You live in Trump country now!': Drunk Trump supporter arrested for attacking gay couple
Brandon Ray Davis, who was arrested for allegedly attacking a gay couple.

A Trump supporter from North Carolina has been arrested after he allegedly harassed and attacked a gay couple late last month.

Local news station Fox 8 reports that law enforcement officials arrested 30-year-old North Carolina resident Brandon Ray Davis on Thursday for verbally harassing a gay couple and knocking one of them to the ground with his motor scooter in Florida this past February.

According to police, couple Kevin Seymour and Kevin Price were riding bicycles in Key West, when an intoxicated Davis rode up behind them on his motor scooter and started insulting them.

Among other things, Davis started yelling anti-gay slurs at the couple and informed them that they "live in Trump country now." The two men threatened to call the police on Davis, who yelled back that he would "cut you up" if they did so.

At one point, Davis's scooter hit the back of Seymour's bicycle, throwing him to the ground.

The couple went to a nearby scooter rental agency, where they were successfully able to identify and track down Davis as their assailant. He was arrested by North Carolina police this week on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon with evidence of prejudice.