Alex Jones tells jury his marijuana has gotten too strong -- and says George Soros is to blame
Conservative radio host Alex Jones on Oct. 24, 2014. [YouTube

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday told a jury that he believes George Soros is somehow behind a plot to make the effects of smoking marijuana stronger than ever before.

As reported by BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel, Jones was asked about his drug and alcohol use by attorney Bobby Newman, who is representing Jones' ex-wife Kelly in the custody battle over the couple's three children.

During his testimony, Jones claimed that he smoked marijuana once a year to "monitor its strength," and he claimed that its gotten progressively stronger over the years -- and he thinks that George Soros is somehow involved.

"George Soros has brain damaged a lot of people," Jones said, according to reporter Texas Monthly reporter Dan Solomon.

Elsewhere in his testimony, Jones told the jury that eating large bowls of chili had adverse affects on his ability to remember things, although he said that he made sure to not eat a large bowl of chili before appearing in court on Thursday.