'Aren't we the worst? We are the worst! Bye bye!' John Oliver re-enacts Trump call to Turkish dictator
John Oliver (HBO)

This week on HBO's "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver blasted President Donald Trump's saber rattling with regards to North Korea, Syria and his congratulatory call to Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan.

He began with North Korea, which responded to Trump's bluster about pre-emptive strikes with a failed missile test.

The White House responded by sending the U.S.S. Carl Vinson carrier group to the Korean peninsula.

Except, as we later found out, the Vinson was more than 3,000 nautical miles away and traveling in the opposite direction.

When asked about it, Oliver said, Press Secretary Sean Spicer "a professional spokesperson, yet again lost control of his mouth."

Oliver moved on to Turkey, where brutal dictator Recep Erdogan has won re-election -- although the validity of the results has been questioned -- and is consolidating his regime's power and conferring it on to himself.

When reporters asked Spicer about the president's opinion on the issue, for once Spicer gave a measured and reasonable response, Oliver said, saying that the White House will wait and see how this plays out in the international community.

Meanwhile, Trump had already telephoned Erdogan to congratulate him on winning re-election.

Oliver imagined their conversation as being, "Aren't we the worst? We are the worst! Bye bye!"

Watch the video, embedded below: