'Blindsided' Steve Bannon is 'laying low' to avoid getting canned by Trump: report
Donald Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon (Inside Edition)

President Donald Trump seems very unhappy with his top political strategist Steve Bannon lately -- and Bannon apparently believes that he's in serious danger of being fired.

Anonymous Bannon allies tell The Daily Beast that Bannon was "blindsided" when President Trump falsely claimed that he never knew Bannon before Bannon came on to manage his presidential campaign.

What's more, they say that Bannon is "laying low" for the time being to avoid rousing the president's ire.

"Of course we didn’t know [that] interview was coming," one Bannon ally said of Trump's interview with the New York Post.

Bannon has frequently battled with fellow administration members such as chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, as well as with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. These battles came to a head last week when Bannon was ousted from his position at the National Security Council, and his old website Breitbart News began publishing articles attacking Kushner.

Going after Trump's son-in-law might not have been the wisest move for Bannon, however, as Trump for the time being has sided with his family over his top political strategist.