Buzzfeed writer horrified to learn that Kentucky machete attacker was her online troll
Buzzfeed writer Tracy Clayton and machete-wielding Trump supporter Mitchell W. Adkins (Photo: Instagram and Facebook)

Tracy Clayton is from Kentucky and attended school at Transylvania University where a Republican student went on a killing spree with a machete.

Mitchell W. Adkins, of Cincinnati, claimed that he was unwelcome at TU as a conservative Trump supporter, but Clayton wrote extensively about the racism she experienced on the campus.

"Every day I was reminded just how unwelcome I was there," she explained.

One floor of the school's dorms held the fraternity Kappa Alpha Order. She noted that the way to spot the floor was every window held a Confederate flag.

"Those flags never let me forget that I was not wanted at any point in history, not then and not now, not in my temporary home, the place where I slept, the place my mother was spending her hard-earned money to send me," Clayton said.

After writing the wrenching article, someone sent her a link to an opposing article written by someone at the school calling her a liar. They said the discrimination conservatives face now comes at the hands of those seeking "diversity," which "is an attack on whiteness."

Not long after, she found out about Adkins posting an article about attacking non-Republicans on the website she works for. It even references her experience. He claimed that within his first week on campus he'd already made enemies simply because he was a Republican.

"After I wrote the piece that I wrote I was v worried about people not believing me," Clayton wrote on Twitter. "I was flat out called a liar by some. I was called a liar by people who went to school with me, people who saw that sh*t happened. So, I worried about not being believed [sic]."

However, she said that this letter from the attacker serves as proof to her that "coddling campus environments breed this kind of entitlement."

Clayton explained, "it's not rare for awful thoughts to escalate and become awful actions. I'm not blaming Transy for the people this dude hurt but I AM saying that I did not make that sh*t up. I was not lying. Toxicity can be and often is taught and campuses can incubate it by way of protecting the privileged and ignoring those who speak out. Both those things happened in my time there."

She still has fond feelings for her alma mater, "but I don't wish this on them or the victims or anyone. My heart is with y'all [sic]."

Adkins injured and terrified the campus but only one survivor was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No one died.