Elizabeth Warren blasts Trump's 'erratic' handling of Syria and Assad: This 'is not a strategy'
Elizabeth Warren (Photo Tim Pierce https://www.flickr.com/photos/qwrrty/8152000142/) Donald Trump (Screenshot)

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) tore into President Donald Trump on Twitter Saturday for his lack of any clear strategy in Syria and his "erratic" handling of national policy toward the Assad regime.

TheHill.com reported that Warren said there was "no strategic justification" for the strike and went on to say that Trump's haphazard attention to the details of foreign policy do not constitute a Middle East strategy.

"We need a plan to hold Assad accountable. But so far I’ve seen no compelling strategic justification for Trump's missile strike," she wrote. "Within a week, Trump's Admin went from asserting they wouldn't intervene to launching Tomahawk missiles against Assad. That's erratic."

"The President's erratic approach to Syria is not a strategy," she said. "It underscores why our Constitution doesn't let Presidents wage war alone."