Ex-NSA analyst: George Washington 'would have had at least half the Trump WH shot as traitors'
Donald Trump and his team have been having difficulties adapting to the White House. (SAUL LOEB/AFP)

Former National Security Agency analyst John Schindler has become well known for his commentary about ties between the Russian government and members of the Trump administration, and this week he pounced on revelations that Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page was under surveillance by the FBI for allegedly being a foreign agent of the Russian government.

Reacting to news that the FBI took out a FISA warrant on Page, Schindler called Page a "slimy little traitor" who was a "fully witting agent" of Russian intelligence agencies.

He then drew a broader connection to the rest of the White House by saying that several members of the administration were similarly compromised by ties to the Russian government.

"George Washington was all about counterintelligence," he said. "He would have had at least half the Trump WH shot as traitors, without tears or doubts."

Schindler, a political conservative who has in the past also expressed disdain for the Obama administration, also encouraged more Republicans to "embrace zero tolerance for lies and corruption -- especially involving foreign spies."

Read the whole tweet storm below.