'Facebook killer' Steve Stephens kills himself after pursuit by law enforcement officials: police
Cleveland murder suspect Steve Stephens (Screen capture)

The Pennsylvania State Police Department has announced that murder suspect Steve Stephens has taken his own life after a brief pursuit by law enforcement officials.

Stephens, a Cleveland resident who became known as the "Facebook killer" after video of him murdering a 74-year-old man named Robert Godwin was posted on Facebook, was spotted in Erie County, Pennsylvania by authorities on Tuesday morning. After police began pursuing them, he fled briefly before turning a gun on himself and pulling the trigger.

Police said that they located Stephens after picking up pings from his mobile phone in the area.

Stephens allegedly murdered Godwin on Easter Sunday, as video showed Stephens approaching the man and bragging that he was about to kill him. Stephens then fired his weapon and fatally shot Godwin.

Stephens also claimed in a Facebook video that he had killed a total of 15 people on Sunday, although Godwin's murder is the only one that has been confirmed.

Video of Godwin's family reacting to Stephens' death follows below.