'F*ck you CNN': Internet goes off on CNN host for linking video games to viral Facebook shooting
CNN reports on allegedly Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens (screen grab)

Anger flared on the Internet Sunday night after a CNN host seemed to blame video games for an alleged Sunday killing that was posted on Facebook,

Police in Cleveland on Monday were searching for 37-year-old Steve Stephens, who is accused of killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.

During a Sunday panel discussion on CNN, senior media correspondent Brian Stelter encouraged Facebook users not to watch a viral video of the killing.

"There is an element of this that makes it look like a video game because the thing about video games, they are first-person shooters," Stelter explained. "People, they're in a game, the controller is in front of them and they're firing."

"That is how a lot of young people experience weapons and guns, as video games," he added. "Unfortunately, a video like this, it has that same perspective. And yet, it is so real, the blood is so real. And I've seen people online comparing it to a video game."

Twitter users lashed out at Stelter over the comparison.

However, others defended Stelter, arguing that he was speaking about the viral nature of the murderous video.