Former CIA analyst on Korea slams Trump's 'gross miscalculation' on North Korea
Dr. Sue Mi Terry on Rachel Maddow (Photo: Screen capture)

Dr. Sue Mi Terry once worked for the CIA as an analyst covering Korea and she's deeply troubled by what she's seeing coming out of President Donald Trump's administration when it comes to North Korea.

Dr. Terry explained that the parades and trotting out of weapons are nothing more than a spectacle or display. However, she did confirm that they do have ICBMs that we know can reach the United States, they just haven't tested it. Dr. Terry thinks that they're about to, though.

"If this president is weighing, for whatever reason, some type of novel, newly aggressive military action toward North Korea, what are the options and what are the likely consequences?" host Rachel Maddow asked.

"He could weigh an option of intercepting a missile or an option of striking a nuclear test site," Terry explained. "But I honestly don't think it's going to follow through with this. This is a problem with that policy because you're putting yourself in a bind, either you have to back down or you have to lose your credibility, or now you're stuck on a ledge and risk a military option, which is very, very risky. North Korea is not Syria or Afghanistan. It's going to have to be devastating consequences. North Korea will retaliate to any kind of military option."

She went on to explain that North Korea has 70 percent of its ground forces and 50 percent of its air and naval forces deployed within 100 kilometers from the DMZ. There are millions of people in Seoul and many are American troops.

"This is why I just don't think this kind of policy -- it's not a smart idea," she continued. "It's a gross miscalculation."

Watch the full explanation below:

Former CIA analyst on Korea slams Trump's... by sarahburris