Twitter users were in rare form on Saturday as they launched campaigns mocking President Donald Trump's constant habit of parting ways with the truth and the visit by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner to Iraq.

Late this week, photos surfaced of Kushner wearing kevlar body armor over a blue blazer and khaki trousers along with his Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses as he met with military personnel in war-torn Iraq. The sight of the president's wealthy son-in-law dressed like he just came from a sorority mixer sent many online jokesters into overdrive.

The photos came at the end of a rough week for Kushner's public image. After being caught lying about his meetings with Russian bankers and other officials, getting mocked as the president's "Secretary of Everything" and derided in an "alt-right" campaign to have Kushner fired from the White House so that Stephen K. Bannon might reign supreme in crafting the president's policy agenda.