Canadian MSNBC host Ali Velshi shot down tax reform spin from Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) on Tuesday after the congressman made false statements about Canada.

Velshi noted during his interview with Harris that President Donald Trump's plan to reduce corporate tax rates to 15 percent would increase the deficit.

But Harris insisted that lowering the corporate tax rate would "unleash our economy" and cause the deficit to shrink.

"Canada dropped corporate taxes to 15 percent," Velshi pointed out. "It didn't unleash economic growth at that level."

"The problem is that Canada is a much more socialistic country," Harris replied. "So, if you don't control spending at the same time, you're not going to see that benefit. But we just don't have the same political environment that Canada has. And that's why Canada probably didn't succeed in that."

"Canada's never had the reputation of being a growth powerhouse in the world for the economy," the Maryland Republican added. "And we have. And we can restore that, again, through these corporate tax reductions and passthrough entity tax reductions that the president is talking about."

Velshi, who is a Canadian citizen, immediately fact checked the congressman.

"Actually Canada's growth exceeded that of the United States on a GDP basis for many years," Velshi said. "In fact, quite recently."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast April 26, 2017.