Police report blames bloodied United passenger for his own injuries
A passenger of a United Airlines flight after he was forcibly removed from his seat by security officers (Screen cap).

Former United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao is being blamed for his own injuries sustained while being forcibly removed from his seat and dragged down the aisle of the plane.

According to a report released Monday in the Los Angeles Times, the aviation officers attribute the blood dripping down his face to injuries he incurred while being threatening.

Officer James Long alleges, “the subject started swinging his arms up and down with a closed fist. Ofc. Long was able to grab the subject and pull him away from the window seat towards the aisle. But suddenly the subject started flailing and fighting.”

Long claimed that Dao knocked the officer's arm away, “which caused the subject to fall, hit, and injured his mouth on the armrest on the other side of the aisle.”

Dao is being represented by Chicago personal injury lawyer Thomas Demetrio, who claimed the reports were “utter nonsense.”