Right-wing preacher justifies Trump's Access Hollywood tape as God's work
Evangelical preacher and avid Trump supporter Lance Wallnau explains why Trump's Access Hollywood tape is the work of God.

How do the same evangelicals who incessantly force-feed us their morals and family values manage to overwhelmingly support someone like Donald Trump? Especially when he gets caught on tape discussing how he moves in on women "like a bitch" and how he enjoys the occasional spontaneous pussy grab.

How exactly did white evangelicals reconcile Trump’s inability to resist desires of the flesh to the point where 80 percent voted for him?

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau shows us that evangelicals can twist and reshape the interpretation of their faith into convenient excuses for their questionable behavior and hypocrisy. Wallnau had actually released his pro-Trump book five days before the Access Hollywood tape was leaked, and soon found himself in a pickle.

While speaking to Pat Robertson's 700 Club staff, Wallnau explained, “Five days out and the Access Hollywood recording comes to me. And I thought, ‘this is so embarrassing, because I am now going to totally look like a false prophet.’”

But his initial negative feelings toward Trump's misogyny was immediately explained away with ridiculous religion-based excuses.

“God allowed it because God is actually letting this man experience humbling," Wallnau continued. "Because he really didn’t have anything to think of repenting for before. Now he’s got something.

Repenting? Trump brushed off his language in the leaked tape as “locker room talk.” If the definition of repenting flipped and did a complete 180, then maybe we can argue that Trump repented. But in reality, he took defiance and “moved in on it like a bitch.”

Trump was even asked about his repentance habits during the 2015 Family Leadership Summit, where he confessed that he never asks god to forgive his sins. "I just go on and try to do a better job from there," Trump explained. "I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don't bring God into that picture. I don't."

Wallnau also believes that the leaked Access Hollywood tape was an important act of God. "And why would God humble anyone? He would humble them before they’re about to get promoted,” Wallnau claimed.

I don't know how humble a person can be while consistently spouting statements like "I, Donald Trump, am a totally gifted politician," or  “I’m like a smart person.”

Despite Wallnau’s desperate attempt to give himself a pass for publishing a pro-Trump book, Trump has already proven that he’s unapologetic in regard to his bad behavior. He’s also the antithesis of humble. To make matters worse, he’s dangerously unable to take responsibility for his actions or learn from his mistakes.

And let’s keep it real - the only time some right wingers pretend they care about protecting women from sexual assault is when they want to discriminate against the trans community. Once the conversation turns to allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms they identify with, right-wingers are suddenly so concerned about the non-existent threat of bathroom rape.

So here’s a little tough love for my religious friends who continue to support Trump: you made an embarrassingly poor choice. Finding excuses for the human Cheeto only makes you look foolish, and then I have to make these videos poking fun of how clownish you look.

Homeboy has a bunch of kids from three different women, and he’s constantly boasting about his wealth. He’s misogynistic, vain, lustful, vengeful, and a host of other immoral traits that your religion is supposed to rail against.

So why do Evangelicals support Trump? It could be because he amplified his religious messaging on the campaign trail by saying that women who get abortions should be punished, and that he’s not in favor of same sex marriage. It could have also been because Trump bragged about his plan to ban Muslims, which seems to sit well with people like Wallnau who want Christianity to rule every part of society.

It’s just kind of hard to understand the logic of people like Wallnau and how they could love a sinful character like Trump. But one thing I do know is that you can’t pretend to be a man of faith while simultaneously worshiping the devil.