Russia tried to infiltrate Trump campaign using advisor Carter Page as the inside man: CNN
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CNN is reporting that Russia tried to infiltrate President Donald Trumps campaign using former foreign policy advisor Carter Page as someone assigned to keep an eye on them. However, the officials were not able to say whether or not Page knew Russia was using him.

The information comes from the FBI, which gathered the intelligence on the act in the summer of 2016, around the time Paul Manafort took over the campaign.

The information also revealed that Russia tried to use backdoor channels to communicate with Trump staff and the inner circle of the Trump campaign. Page was just one of many found to have been in contact with Russian officials.

Intelligence analysts and FBI investigators have found signs of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials but there is not yet enough evidence to show crimes were committed, CNN reported. Their challenge is that they have not been able to conduct their investigation in secret after several leaks uncovered the investigation. Once the story was reported, some being monitored by the FBI changed their behavior.