Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and founder of Lady Parts Justice, pointed out on Tuesday that Ivanka Trump could not claim to support women without addressing the needs of lower-income and minority women.

Following Ivanka Trump's appearance on a women's panel in Berlin, Winstead spoke with MSNBC's Ali Velshi about whether the first daughter was the right person to represent American women.

Winstead noted that "all of the women on that stage [other than Ivanka] got there because they actually had to in some way shape or form create policies that worked."

The comedienne observed that Ivanka blamed the media for her father's bad reputation on women's rights.

"And then to say, 'My father sees that women have great potential,' thanks, I'm feeling really good about that," Winstead said sarcastically. "Because I didn't know that women had any potential."

"It people we love mess up, they don't get better if we deny they're messing up. We watch this time and time again. And so for her to be one of the number one advocates in the era of this person who is completely tone deaf on women's issues... it does us no service. She does no service to any women."

According to Winstead, Ivanka "should probably go back to her clothing design business" if she could not understand the needs of poor and minority women who will suffer because of President Trump's policies.

Reflecting on Ivanka recent op-ed on "access to finance" for female entrepreneurs, Winstead argued that women first needed "access to their own destiny."

"Which for poor women and lower-income women, the very first thing on an economic freedom path is access to birth control," Winstead said.

"If she doesn't come out for allowing states to continue funding Planned Parenthood?" Velshi asked.

"That's all crap," Winstead replied. "If you do not see that a woman's economic freedom -- especially when she is young, coming out of college, low income -- that deciding when and if you want to have kids or more kids is not the first line of defense before you get to all that, yes, she is completely tone deaf then."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast April 25, 2017.