Trump voter won't face charges after being caught impersonating her dead mother at polling place
President Donald Trump speaking (via screengrab).

A Trump supporter last year was caught impersonating her dead mother at a polling place -- but she won't face charges, despite committing a clear act of voter fraud.

While reporting on the North Carolina Board of Elections' recently completed investigation into voter fraud in the state, the Raleigh News & Observer revealed that authorities in Catawba County found that a local woman pretended to be her late 89-year-old mother so she could deliver an additional vote for Donald Trump.

The woman, whose name was redacted in the Board of Elections' report, explained to authorities that her mother was a "tremendous Donald Trump fan" who had died just weeks before the 2016 election. The woman said that she wanted to make sure that she voted for Trump in her mother's name to fulfill her last wish.

"If anything happens, you have my power of attorney and you be sure to vote for Donald Trump for me," the woman's mother purportedly told her shortly before she died.

Prosecutors decided against charging the woman with a crime because she sincerely believed that impersonating a dead person at her local polling place was not an act of voter fraud.