Watch CNN's Jake Tapper grill ex-Trump aide Carter Page: ‘You seem to side with the Kremlin. Why?’
Jake Tapper and Carter Page (CNN / Screengrab)

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday interrogated Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, asking Page point-blank if he's ever acted as an agent for a foreign government.

Tapper was referencing a Washington Post report published Tuesday that revealed the FBI had secured a FISA warrant against Page in 2016 over concerns he was acting as a foreign agent for Russia. As Tapper noted, in order to obtain that warrant, the FBI would have had to convince a FISA judge to approve surveillance by providing extensive evidence of Page’s contacts and clandestine activities.

“It’s just like President Trump just said...” Page replied when asked about the Washington Post report, before veering off into an explanation about how his circumstances are similar to the U.S. investigation into whether Russia was complicit in last week's deadly chemical attack in Syria.

"Let’s not jump to any conclusions, and until a full investigation has been done, we just don’t know," Page said.

When Tapper asked Page if he’s spoken with the FBI, the former Trump adviser insisted he “respected confidentiality” and refused to comment on whether he’d been contacted about the investigation.

Tapper pressed on. “I prepared for this interview and I read a year’s worth of stuff about you and until February, you would say repeatedly the FBI had not contacted you, you stopped saying that in March," the CNN host replied. "Is it fair to assume from that, that you have now talked to the FBI.”

Page insisted he wants to get all the facts out there, but declined to answer Tapper's question.

“You talk about being forthcoming,” Tapper pointed out, later adding Page “[owes] it to the American people” to answer these questions.

Page again declined to answer.

“I know you want to get out all this information, but then you refuse to answer,” an exasperated Tapper noted.

The CNN host later noted that when it comes to allegations that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election, Page refuses to believe the U.S. intelligence community.

“You seem to side with the Kremlin,” Tapper said. “Why?”

Watch the interview below, via CNN:

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