Fox News co-host Jesse Watters called out "liberals" for claiming they respect women but booing and hissing when Ivanka Trump spoke in Germany.

Watters appeared on "The Five" Tuesday night to point fingers at the left, but co-host Bob Beckel was quick to claim that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is actually much further right and generally surrounds herself with more right-leaning people. He encouraged the panel not to assume it was "the left."

Still, Watters had one thing he liked about the Trump speech this week at the W20, it was the way she was "speaking into that microphone." Seconds after he chastised those who didn't respect women, he made a joke about Trump holding the microphone so close to her mouth.

Twitter lit up with comments, some even alleging that this is further evidence of the cultural of sexual harassment at Fox News.

Waters disputes the claim, saying he was talking about Trump's voice.

Watch the exchange below: