An massive unidentified sea creature is decomposing of the coast of the Seram Island in Indonesia, The Jakarta Globe reports.

The remains were discovered by local Asrul Tuanakota,who stumbled upon the decaying carcass Tuesday evening. Australia’s reports the creature has been dead for at least three days.

Lab tests are underway to confirm the species; while the Jakarta Globe reports the remains are likely those of a giant squid, a co-ordinator of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management said they resembled a whale. Three marine experts similarly told the Huffington Post the carcass appears to be a whale’s.

“Giant squid are invertebrates and there are clearly bones visible (jaw, skull, vertebrate) so I am very comfortable saying it’s some type of rorqual whale,” Regina Asmutis-Silvia, executive director of Whale and Dolphin Conservation, told the Huffington Post.

Watch video of this massive creature’s remains below, via YouTube: