On Friday afternoon, CNN political analyst Ana Navarro lambasted fellow conservative commentator Paris Dennard over the GOP rank and file's silence on President Donald Trump's high-handed firing of FBI Director James Comey.

"I think Republicans have been asleep," Navarro said. "I think they need to remember -- particularly elected Republicans -- that their duty and their loyalty is to this country, it's to America and the Constitution," not to the country's chief executive.

"I'm very troubled by the escalation of Donald Trump's behavior, of President Trump's tweets," she continued. It's one thing, she said, to defend a man who is lying about his inaugural crowd size or attacking Rosie O'Donnell, but when the president is actively threatening people like former acting Attorney Gen. Sally Yates or ex-FBI Director James Comey, that's taking it to a dangerous new level.

"Republicans can not continue looking the other way and enabling this," Navarro said. "History's going to judge them oh, so harshly."

"I think Ana's 100 percent wrong," said Dennard. Republicans, he said, are "unanimously excited, optimistic and focused, celebrating our victories and focused on 2018...we're not asleep. We're wide awake."

He went on to say that real Republicans "don't care about the punditry of Ana Navarro" and that they're fired up to have Trump in the White House.

Baldwin asked if Navarro wanted to respond and she said, "No, I don't respond to personal attacks from colleagues."

But then, as Dennard tried to talk over her, Navarro got heated.

"Okay, you've said your piece," she said. "It's now my time. What am I going to say to somebody that refuses to hear what's going on around the country? Do you think that Donald Trump's approval ratings are at 36 percent because people are not bothered by this? Do you think the credibility of the president is where it is and of the presidency because people are not bothered by this? Have you stepped outside the beltway?"

"People are very worried and so many Americans feel that this government is in crisis," she said, "that this president thinks he is above the law. And Republicans need to send a clear message that that is not the case."

Watch the video, embedded below:

Ana Navarro rips GOP and Trump fan Paris... by sarahburris