Appearing on CNN's AC360, commentator Jeffrey Lord, a supporter of President Donald Trump, called the news surrounding alleged memos by fired FBI Director James Comey a 'lynching' -- and that's when all hell broke loose.

As Lord tried to twist the initial New York Times report about Comey's memos as represenative of the former FBI director attempting to keep his job, Cooper cited the musical animated film "Frozen" while grilling the Trump supporter.

"You can interpret it in the most benign way, which is, 'yeah, he is a nice guy, I hope you can let it go' -- do you think he's singing 'Let It Go?,'" Cooper quipped.

While Lord continued to take the president's alleged quotes out of context and call the reaction a "media circus", Cooper kept on him.

"This is not a media circus -- this is the president of the United States in the Oval Office excusing the attorney general, excusing his vice president and talking to the director of the FBI," Cooper said, citing allegations that Trump did in fact excuse the attorney general and vice president from the room when asking Comey to drop the Flynn investigation.

"He did not instruct him to do it, and that's a big deal," Lord said. Cooper responded in kind.

"You're telling me if the president of the United States brings you into the Oval Office and and is standing close to you just like LBJ use to and point at people, and say 'gosh I hope you can find it in your heart to let this go, Jeff, I hope you can find it in your heart to back me up on everything I have to say on TV'," Cooper began before Lord cut him off.

"I get the option to do it or not," Lord responded.

"Yes you do," Cooper responded, and soon switched the focus to another panelist.

Watch the whole tense exchange below, via CNN.

Anderson Cooper looks like he's about to get in... by sarahburris