During a CNN panel on news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose his contacts with Russians on his security clearance forms, commentator Jason Miller (a well-known supporter of President Donald Trump) insisted on bringing up leaks from the White House.

As senior analyst David Gergen gave background on the need for a special prosecutor to find out "what the Russians were up to" and Sessions' violation of "the rules" for getting security clearance, Miller interrupted.

"But David, how do you explain these leaks?" he asked. "How do you explain illegal leak after illegal leak?"

"Well maybe, Jason, because the people involved haven't been forthright," host Erin Burnett said.

"So did Woodward and Bernstein," Gergen rebutted. "Do you think they did a service?"

"These are illegal leak after illegal leak," Miller repeated, "with the specific intent of trying to tear down President Trump. I'm assuming folks are just upset with the way the election turned out".

From there, the panel devolved into chaos as all three panelists began speaking over each other.

Burnett gave panelist Juliette Kayyem the floor, and as she graciously tried to pay lip service to Miller's insistence on leak talk, he once again interrupted her, exclaiming "there's no evidence!"

"Excuse me," she said. "What this also is about, is about concerns of a potential obstruction of justice at this stage. We know that that is likely part of the investigation."

Watch the entire exchange below, via CNN.