Comey learned he was fired from TV as he gave a speech to FBI employees: report
James Comey (screenshot)

Former FBI Director James Comey learned he was fired as he addressed a crowd of F.B.I. employees, the New York Times reports.

Word of Comey’s ouster shocked the political world, as news broke that Donald Trump sent a letter to the former F.B.I. director detailing his reasons for firing him. That letter relied heavily on Comey’s handing of the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which served to elevate Trump to the presidency.

Comey himself learned about her firing in Los Angeles; while he spoke to a crowd of his employees, television screens broke the news that the F.B.I. director was out. Meanwhile, Trump’s longtime aide Keith Schiller—who was sued for assaulting a trump protestor in 2015—delivered a Manilla envelope containing Trump’s letter to the F.B.I. headquarters in Washington.