Cuomo gobsmacked after surrogate claims Trump waited to fire Flynn because he’s ‘patient and deliberate’
Chris Cuomo (CNN)

Trump supporter Anthony Scaramucci defended President Donald Trump waiting 18 days to fire disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Tuesday by saying the president deserves praise for his "cautious and deliberate" management style.

Despite the fact that Trump has a reputation for being impulsive -- and despite the fact that Trump himself has bragged about his penchant for being wildly unpredictable -- Scaramucci told CNN's Chris Cuomo that Trump is actually a very cautious person who is reluctant to throw trusted advisers under the bus.

At the beginning of the segment, Cuomo reiterated that even though former acting Attorney General Sally Yates alerted the White House counsel that Flynn had been compromised by the Russian government, the White House still waited 18 days before firing him.

"So you're saying that 18 days is a long period of time?" Scaramucci asked in response.

"I'm not saying it's a short period of time!" Cuomo shot back.

Scaramucci went on to explain that 18 days may seem like a long time in the political world, but for a businessman like Trump who values loyalty above all else, it was good for him to take his time dismissing a national security adviser who had been compromised by a foreign government.

"You're going to be cautious, you're going to be patient and deliberate," Scaramucci said of Trump's decision to take it slow on firing Flynn. "Because you know what happens in these things: There's going to be a scrum, people are throwing eggs and tomatoes at each other, and you're sitting there saying to yourself, 'OK, what is the truth? Let's parse out the truth and figure it out.' So from that point of view, I think a deliberate approach is probably better."

Watch the interview below.

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