Defense attorney arrested after telling rape victim Trump would deport her if she testified
Woman crying sitting on the floor (Shutterstock)

A defense attorney in Baltimore has been arrested after he allegedly told a rape victim that the Trump administration would have her deported if she testified against his client.

The Baltimore Sun reports that attorney Christos Vasiliades and his associate Edgar Ivan Rodriquez were recorded telling the victim's husband that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was likely to pick up his wife if she testified in court and then have her deported.

"You know how things are with Trump's laws now; someone goes to court, and boom, they get taken away," Rodriguez said in the recording.

Under the Trump administration, ICE has regularly detained undocumented immigrants after staking out courthouses where they know they'll be testifying.

Vasiliades also offered the victim's husband an opportunity to beat up his own client in exchange for his wife not testifying.

"If we were back home where I'm from, from Greece... we would go [expletive] him up, that's it, if you want to do that, that's fine," Vasiliades said, according to court documents. "He's an (expletive), I think you should find him and kick his (expletive), personally... find him and wear him out."

Additionally, the two men offered the victim's husband $3,000 in exchange for dropping the case.

Both Vasiliades and Rodriguez were charged with counts of witness intimidation and obstruction of justice.