'Donny from the Russian block' Trump sets Internet ablaze after calling Trudeau 'Justin from Canada'
Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump (Screengrab)

Donald Trump on Saturday capped off his gaffe-filled international tour by referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “Justin from Canada.”

The president made the remark during a speech to military families at the U.S. Naval Air Base in Signoella, Italy having just departed the G7 summit with NATO allies including Canada, France and Germany.

"Great people," Trump said of his fellow global leaders. “We made a lot of good friends this week, I'll tell you, a lot of good friends. They’re good people.”

As the Hill reports, this isn’t the first time Trump referenced “Justin from Canada.” Following a meeting with Trudeau and Mexican president Enrique Nieto, the president similarly called his peer by the “Justin from Canada” moniker.

News that Trump applied such a nickname to a fellow world leader set off the Internet. Read some of the best posts below: