Ex-British spy and dossier author never intended for sensational Trump memos to be released to the public
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Christopher Steele, the former British spy who wrote the dossier alleging President Donald Trump’s campaign engaged in nefarious contact with Russian operatives, said while the information served vital national security interest, some of it still “needed to be analyzed and further investigation,” CNN reports.

He added that he never intended for the memos to be released to the public.

In a legal filing, lawyers for Steele acknowledged that a specific memo he passed to the US and British government needed further verification.

The dossier, first published in full by Buzzfeed—though previously reported on by outlets including CNN—alleges Russian operatives have extensive information on Trump, including claims of graphic sexual encounters involving the president.

Trump and Russia have both denied Steele’s dossier.