Fox News military analyst slams GOP for 'reflexive' defense of 'egregious' Trump actions
Ralph Peters speaks to Fox Business (screen grab)

Fox News military analyst Ralph Peters published a column on Tuesday in which he called out Republican lawmakers for showing "blind loyalty" to President Donald Trump.

Peters, who in the past was temporarily suspended from Fox for calling former President Barack Obama a "p*ssy" on air, wrote that he's been sickened by the GOP's total lack of interest in getting to the bottom of what Russia did to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

"Republicans, who long claimed to be the Constitution’s defenders and champions of national security, shrug off Russian penetration of our political system and justify the reckless use (following Obama’s precedent) of executive orders by their president — whose behavior would excite outrage if the fingers on the keypad  belonged to a Democrat," thundered Peters. "And a flatulent Congress cringes and points at the other guy."

Later in the column, Peters savaged Trump supporters who turn a blind eye to all his transgressions just because they like him better than Democrats.

"Presidents are not idols to be worshiped," he wrote. "We should praise them when they do well and criticize them when they err. To reflexively defend egregious behaviors and abuses of power because the transgressor is “our guy” is un-American: Refusing to think for ourselves and act with integrity ignores our essential right and duty as citizens."

Read the whole column here.