Tonight's breaking news that Jared Kushner allegedly sought to set up a secret backchannel communication system with the Kremlim is rocking the White House as the Memorial Day weekend begins.

Panelists on MSNBC were dumbfounded by the latest revelations about Donald Trump's campaign and the Russians.

"I really think this Washington Post story tonight is a game-changer," NBC News investigative reporter Ken Dilanian told Steve Kornaki. "It is a devastating story because it casts these Russian meetings in a new light, it suggests that Jared Kushner and potentially the Trump Transition was trying to disguise its communications with Russia."

"It's a bombshell, all right," Nick Confessore confirmed about what he described as "a catastrophic and terrible mistake" that was "totally bone-headed" to do.

"It goes to the different perspective that the Trump family and the Kushner family had about Russia when they came in," Confessore explained. "From their perspective, in their world, the Russians were deal partners, friends, people who put money into their projects."

"The optics of this are just terrible," Katherine Rampell remarked.

Erik Prince also features in this bizarre scandal. As does Mike Flynn, of course.

Watch the whole segment below: