On Thursday afternoon, a CNN panel went off the rails when conservative pundit Ben Ferguson [No relation to this reporter] attempted to bring up disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner during a discussion of Republican Greg Gianforte's assault on a reporter from the Guardian.

The panel -- anchor Brooke Baldwin, David Jolly, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan and Ferguson -- was discussing whether or not it is appropriate for President Donald Trump's robocalls to continue to go out on Gianforte's behalf.

Ryan talked about the death threats she got after a run-in with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and said, "The president and the vice president supported this candidate."

"When you were the president, you basically support the people that are running on your side of the aisle. There are people that were shady and did stupid things and some are disgraced politicians. Anthony Weiner is one of them," Ferguson said.

The panel erupted in groans and cross-talk at the mention of Weiner, who has not been an elected Democratic politician since his resignation from Congress in 2011.

"Oh, now, Anthony Weiner is a whole different story," Ryan said, shaking her head and laughing at Ferguson. "He's lost it, now."

Watch the video, embedded below: