Liberal redneck baffled by Trump's cult: 'Seems like they hate us more than they love their country'
'Liberal Redneck' Trae Crowder talks about Trump-enabling GOP (Screen capture)

On Thursday, comedian and commentator Trae "Liberal Redneck" Crowder asked exactly what it's going to take for Republicans to realize they got conned by President Donald Trump and actually take steps to rein in his lawlessness. Unfortunately, he said, it seems they're more invested in hating liberals than they are in saving their country.

"This is a f*ckin' nightmare and the hits just keep on coming," Crowder said. "Trump has had more scandals in the last week than Obama did in eight years. Every time I read about one I wonder, 'Is this it?'" Will this scandal will be the one that makes Republican leaders stand up and denounce Trump?

"At this point, McCain is like one of them shitty talking dolls from the 70s where you pull a string on its back and it says one of like six things," Crowder said before putting on a mock-serious "John McCain voice" and saying, "Uh, this is deeply disturbing, I'm very concerned about this development."

"Wow," Crowder said, "that's great the he can say all that shit. What else can it do? Nothing."

Politicians, though, are "reptiles," he said and will say whatever they think they need to, but Crowder said that what he finds perplexing are regular people who still support the president and dismiss any anti-Trump information as "fake news" and a "liberal media conspiracy."

"Something real is happening here," he said. "Why are they okay with it?"

Because it makes liberals mad, he said.

"Sometimes it seems like they hate us more than they love their country," Crowder said.

Watch the video, embedded below: